Ground Screws

For Devon and the South West

Ground Screws

Exeter Garden Rooms & Verandas has chosen RADIX Ground Screws to create the strong and level foundations for our Garden Rooms and Verandas. Ground screws are the low-carbon, low-impact alternative to concrete, installed without digging up garden spaces or damaging the environment.

For all projects

Capable of being installed all year round and in any weather, they also make project delays a thing of the past, providing a low-carbon alternative that can be used to support:

  • Garden Rooms
  • Sheds
  • Decking

We chose Radix as our supplier of ground screws, not only because they have a comprehensive range of screws and accessories providing for all our uses, but also because they supply extensive technical support and advice. They provide a screw foundation array diagram for each of our projects.

What are Gound Screws?

Ground Screws are displacement piles driven into the ground just as traditional piles are on large construction projects. They are different in as much as they are galvanised steel tubes with large threads and are driven into the ground using a rotational (screw) motion. The Ground Screws much like their small wood screw cousins use surface friction to gain the load capability.

We generally use the Radix 76mm diameter ground screw which comes in various lengths from 800m to 2050mm, with load capacities of between 1.3 tonne to 4.5 tonne each, easily sufficient for all our Garden Room uses, be that a Home Office or a Home Gym.

Using Radix ground screws, we can be confident the foundations will be more than capable of taking the imposed loads. In high load uses such as a Home Gym or perhaps the Home Office, with heavy filing cabinets, extra screws are added to the foundation array to take the additional loads.

A ground screw layout specifically for each project is provided by Radix, using this the screws are set out and driven into the ground using a specialist mechanical drill to a pre-defined level to receive the timber platform base. The ground screws are left at least 50mm above the soil level to give the necessary air gap between the soil and timber to protect against the timber getting wet and rotting.

A ground screw foundation also has a major benefit over a traditional concrete foundation for the home owner. By removing the disruption of the digging and removal of the excavated soil and the transporting of concrete the disruptive impact on the home owner is reduced and the project delivery time is shortened.

The many advantages over a concrete foundation are:

  • Quick installation, usually one day and ready for immediate use
  • No digging or spoil to remove or concreting
  • Strong dependable loading capacity
  • Can be used on sloping sites
  • Long life expectancy, 50 years plus

As well as using ground screws on our Garden Rooms we can also supply and install ground screws for your project and supply the timber base if required.

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