Planning & Building Regulations

Planning Requirements

There are some general rules on planning requirements for Garden buildings, if in doubt clarification should be sought from your local planning department. However, the general guidance is;

Planning approval is not required if:

  • The room is located at the rear of the property
  • The room is not used for sleeping
  • The maximum height is less than 2.5m, where the room is closer than 2m from a boundary
  • Where the building is more than 2m from a boundary the maximum height must be less than 4m to an apex of a pitched roof or 3m for a mono-pitch roof. In both cases, the maximum eaves height is 2.5m.

There may be times when a planning application is needed, in some areas Permitted Development rules have been removed, such as Conservation Areas, or you may wish to increase the height or use going beyond Permitted Development in which case an application is required. We can produce and submit the application for you.

Building Regulations

For garden rooms the general rules are Building Regulation approval is not required if:

  • the internal area is less than 15m2
  • or, less than 30m2 where the building is more than 1m from any boundary

These are internal areas measured from the finished internal face of the external walls.

If there is any doubt as to the need for Building Regulation approval advice should be sought from the Local Authority. If Building Control approval is required we can make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

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