Terrazza Pure

The cubic glass patio roof

Weinor Terrazza Pure

Terrazza Pure, the new glass patio roof from Weinor, relies on a modern cubic style of roof combined with innovative design.

Classic patio roofs are designed angled so that rainwater can drain off. With Terrazza Pure, the pitch is integrated into the frame construction and is therefore invisible from the outside. The result: clear, cubic design combined with reliable drainage – the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy lots of natural light on their patio and appreciates reliable, modern-designed weather protection at the same time.

Weinor Terrazza Pure Specifications

  • Modern cubic design
  • Reliable drainage
  • Cosy al fresco LED lighting
  • A high-quality look with decorative strips in 5 colours
  • Stable protection against all weather
  • Modular system
  • Sun protection options


  • Sottezza 11, electric under blinds
  • WGM top mount electric blinds
  • VertiTex 11, vertical electric screen/awning
  • Glass sliding doors
  • Fixed glazing without frames
  • High performance heater
  • Coloured LED lights in posts and roof supports

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