Verandas – Accessories

Using the specialised accessories, the standard lean-to veranda can be used to make an even more flexible space.

Personalise your Lean-to Veranda

By adding glass doors to the front or side of the veranda even more protection is afforded from the elements whilst retaining the ability to slide back the glass doors opening up the space to the garden.

By combining glass sliding doors and fixed glass panels a completely enclosed or semi-enclosed glass room can be produced.

We offer fixed panels, wedged end panels and sliding doors, a kit of parts that can be used to provide a completely enclosed glass room or semi-enclosed area.

Door lock

An added advantage of our system is the ability to lock the sliding doors, this gives the ability to securely close your glass room.

LED lights

Your veranda or glass room will become an extension of your house, to make it more usable at night we offer LED lights that are fitted into the roof beams, with no exposed wiring. The lights are controlled by a hand-held remote device.

Roof blinds

If the veranda benefits from direct sunlight and could overheat roof blinds can be added, these are fixed to the beams during installation. They are operated manually with the pole provided.


Where vertical sun protection is needed to the veranda the BetaScreen fabric screens are available. These screens are designed to withstand Storm 10 rating and come in manual or electric modes.